My name is Khun Rut. If you read my first post you will know why I decided to create this blog. It is the culmination of a project that got shelved due to local indifference. I my decision to revisit the project is beginning here with the blog and will continue to the full on website I am publishing on Mukdahan.
I  have been living here in Mukdahan, Thailand for more than seven years. My wife is a teacher here (a really good and dedicated one that loves her work.) I busy myself with web projects such as this, graphics, computer repair (I'm cheap). I like to go fishing, though I haven't gone often enough lately. I play chess a few times a week with a couple guys here. I am a grateful member of the the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.  I do a lot of reading and playing with my dog. You will get to know him sooner or later as the subject of some of my blogs, I am sure.I spend a lot of time with good friends. I am sure you will hear their stories too.
All the best,
Khun Rut