Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sober in Thailand

AA Medallion Given to Me by My Daughter on my Tenth AA Birthday

For those of you that didn't know I am a sober alcoholic. I got sober in the what we call the Fellowship. To the outside world it is known as Alcoholics Anonymous or AA. Today I celebrated my 19th year of sobriety. In AA we call that our AA birthday as opposed to our "bellybutton birthday". I am not a big one on celebrations and such but today I gave a call to one of my friends in the Fellowship who lives in Mukdahan and said I wanted to brag, that it was my 19th birthday today. After getting the normal "congratulations" 1 was asked the question "How did you do it?". Now normally when you are in a AA meeting and you celebrate a length of sobriety. Someone will always ask "Why did you do it?" and "How did you do it?". This is an invitation to share and tell your story. Specifically, how I stayed sober in Thailand for 8 years with very few meetings. Here it is.

When I moved to Thailand almost 8 years ago I had been sober for 11 years. I was your typical garden variety drunk. I love drinking and getting fucked up. Specially the second part. I had been drinking since my early teens and from the first time I got loaded I knew this was for me! It made me feel great. Drinking gave me that warm good feeling that I could not get in any other way. So I wanted to repeat that feeling again and again as often as possible. At the time most of my friends were experimenting with alcohol and found many ways to get it. We had people buy it for us, stole it sneaked it from our parents' stash. There was always a way. By the time  I turned 16 or so we found underage places that would serve us and places that would sell us booze without an I.D. or with some laughable fake. It was great. We used to ride around drinking having a great time.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Growing Orchids in Thailand

Orchids from my garden.
Its orchid season here in Mukdahan and most of the rest of Thailand. Unlike in the west most orchids here are grown out of doors. Most orchids here are very cheap. A plant that you might find in America for 20 dollars would typically go for about a dollar here. There are several shops here in Mukdahan that specialize in orchids and they are surprisingly easy to grow, in fact they are so hardy you can hardly kill them. A friend of mine told me a story about how he had a few that never produced flowers and he just chucked them in a corner somewhere and basically ignored them. A few months later they were full of blooms.

I looked at a lot of the websites on how to make your orchids bloom and they give all these crazy directions about how to make them bloom and rebloom. Some of them had you cutting off old stalks and sterilizing the cutting tool with some kind of special stuff which I am sure they sold. I have found that the most important thing is to get the sunlight right. They need some direct light but not too much, especially when it gets really hot. I have mine hanging or sitting under a lamyai tree. During the rainy season I didn't do a thing and just cleaned out leaves that may have fallen into them. Nearing the end of rainy season the stalks started to shoot up and I had a problem with some insects that were leaving their larvae to eat the bloom pods after a month or so I went down to the plant store and bout some insecticide that I mixed with 5 gallons of water and gave em a spray once every week and boom no more larvae. The stalks started growing like mad even though it was a late rainy season. When I finally got blooms I got some red liquid that you mix about 2 tablespoons with a liter of water and give the roots a spritz about once a week after they have been watered and I got hundreds of blooms.

Like I said the most important thing is sunlight. If you get too much sun it will make the leaves have black spots. I find a place with perfect light and start rotating the plants into that area to start them blooming after that they seem to take off on their own no matter where they are. As for watering when it stops raining I give them a spray early in the morning with the garden hose about every other day. Just the root areas, and maybe a very light mist over the whole plant. Before I was doing it with a spray bottle and it didn't seem like they got enough. I think if they can drain out good it doesn't matter if you over water a little. They don't mind if the roots get dry a little either so don't freak out if you miss a day. Some are advocates of giving them a light mist at night but I don't bother and they seem to thrive. When all else fails and your orchids don't bloom there is one tried and true way of getting some fresh blooms in your garden. Go down to the local orchid shop and open your wallet. Cheers. Enjoy the pictures of my orchid garden. - Khun Rut
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My Orchid Garden 2011  My Orchid Garden 2011  My Orchid Garden 2011
My Orchid Garden 2011  My Orchid Garden 2011  My Orchid Garden 2011
My Orchid Garden 2011  My Orchid Garden 2011  My Orchid Garden 2011
My Orchid Garden 2011  My Orchid Garden 2011  My Orchid Garden 2011
My Orchid Garden 2011  My Orchid Garden 2011  My Orchid Garden 2011
My Orchid Garden 2011  My Orchid Garden 2011  My Orchid Garden 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mukdahan Boat Races 2011

The Annual Autumn Boat Races 2011
The 2011 edition of the Mukdahan Boat Races (Kaeng Rua) began this year a couple days early. Normally they start with on Awk Pansaa which is the last day of Buddhist Lent. That fell this year on October 12th. However the festivities began on the 10th. (A friend of mine from Nong Khai showed up on the 12th amazed that things were all ready in their 3rd day and wanted some information from the TAT office in Mukdahan. A woman there told him that Awk Pansaa was on the 10th - that was a lie. Another employee there corrected her but they still failed or refused to give him any information.). Anyhow I dropped by down at the Indochina market on the 11th when these pictures were taken and found it to be rather uncrowded, more like a typical weekend day, not the madness that is usually accompanying the festival. And the boat races are as exciting as, well, a boat race.If you were drunk out of your mind it might liven things up. I wandered around with my dog and a friend played a game of Thai Chess and had a nice sunny day. Enjoy the picture gallery below for a taste the end of Buddhist Lent Mukdahan style.
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Mukdahan Boat Races 2011Mukdahan Boat Races 2011   Mukdahan Boat Races 2011

     Mukdahan Boat Races 2011Mukdahan Boat Races 2011 Mukdahan Boat Races 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

Thai Holiday Calendar 2011

I know it is late in the year.Source

Thailand 2011 Holiday Calendar

Please note the Thai holiday dates below  are estimates only. We do not and can not guarantee its accuracy.
New Year’s Day
The beginning of the western New Year is a national holiday in Thailand, one of three “new year” holidays celebrated every year.
Saturday, 1 January 2011
Monday, 3 January 2011 (Substitution)
Chinese Lunar New Year
The beginning of the Chinese lunar year is celebrated in the Chinatowns of every city throughout Thailand. Many Chinese owned businesses close for a couple of days, but it is not a national holiday.
Thursday, 3 February 2011
Makha Bucha
Makha Bucha celebrates the Buddha’s first sermon in to his disciples.
Friday, 18 February 2011
Chakri Day
Chakri Day commemorates the founding of the current dynasty by its first king, Rama I.
Wednesday, 6 April 2011
Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year, a very popular 3-days (Plus)holiday, generally celebrated as a water festival. Be prepared to get wet!
Wednesday, 13 April 2011
Thursday, 14 April 2011
Friday, 15 April 2011
Thailand Labor Day
International Labor Day is also celebrated as a national holiday, even though there isn’t much ado about it. Some businesses may be closed.
Sunday, 1 May 2011
Monday, 2 May 2011 (substitution)
Coronation Day
Celebrates the day when the current king Rama IX was crowned in 1949.
Thursday, 5 May 2011
Visakha Bucha / Vesak Day
The holiest Buddhist holiday celebrates the birth, enlightenment and entry into nirvana of the Buddha.
Thailand Visakha Bucha 2011
Tuesday, 17 May 2011
Royal Ploughing Ceremony
An ancient royal rite held in Thailand to mark the traditional beginning of the rice-growing season
Tuesday, 10 May 2011
Asahna Puja Day
Commemorates the Buddha’s first sermon in the Deer Park in Benares and the founding of the Buddhist sangha.
Sunday, 15 July 2011
Buddhist Lent Day (Wan Khao Phansa)
This day marks the beginning of the Buddhist ‘lent’ period, a time when monks are supposed to retreat to their temples while new life springs forth.
Monday, 16 July 2011
H.M. The Queen’s Birthday
Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday is a national holiday, also celebrated as Thailand’s Mothers’ Day as well.
Friday, 12 August 2011
Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
Mooncake promotions herald this Chinese festival, during which Chinatown fills with stalls.
Monday, 12 September 2011
End of Buddhist Lent Day (Wan Awk Phansa)
This day marks the end of the Buddhist ‘lent’ period or the Rains Retreat.
Wednesday, 12 October 2011
Thod Kathin
Presentation of Monk’s Robes after Rains Retreat.
Thursday, 13 October 2011
Chulalongkorn Memorial Day
Celebration of the death anniversary of Thailand’s one of the most revered kings, Rama V.
Sunday, 23 October 2011
Monday, 24 October 2011 (Substitute)
Loy Kratong
While it is not marked a national holiday, it is a major celebration in the evening when Thais pay respect to the goddess of the waters by floating candlelit offerings on any and all waterways around the kingdom.
Thursday, 10 November 2011
H.M. The King’s Birthday
His Majesty the King’s birthday is a national holiday celebrated throughout the country and is also the country’s Fathers Day
Monday, 5 December 2011
Thai Constitution Day
Celebrates the date in 1932 when the country was granted its first constitution.
Saturday, 10 December 2011
Monday, 12 December 2011
New Years’ Eve
The day before the Western New Year day is always marked a national holiday.
Saturday, 31 December 2011
Monday, 2 January 2012 (Substitution)
New Years’ Day 2012
Sunday, 1 January 2012
Tuesday, 3 January 2012 (Substitution)

Now, please note the Thai holiday dates above are estimates only. We do not and can not guarantee its accuracy. Submitted by

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Five Great Thai Commercials

A friend of mine sent me an email with the link to a website that shares funny emails, stories and videos to share. The link he sent me was for these five Thai TV Commercials they are very funny. Thanks Kevin. - Khun Rut

 The first is of a dog that is betrayed and wants to end it all.

This video is for the Smart Wallet - its about cheating vendors.

This one is about the guy with the sexy jeans.

This video is about a young man that goes out for a "tambon" or so he told his father.

Saving the best for last a father looks at home video of his young daughter.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thai Rice Pricing Policy and the PTP

Thai farmers plants a rice crop near Mae Sariang, Thailand, file photo.
The following is in the category of Unintended Consequences. When the PTP promised to double the guarantee for the price of rice from 330 to 650 baht a ton for jasmine rice. They didn't think it through, well that  will put them well above the price on the open market globally, and if they subsidize the price by selling lower than they paid for it, they will be in violation of WTO rules. So the only place they can sell that high priced rice is where? Right here in Thailand. Expect the price of rice to double courtesy of the PTP. From the Voice of America website - Khun Rut
The Thailand government is expected to begin soon a major new pricing scheme for rice that could have a big impact on the world’s biggest rice exporter. Analysts say the higher prices paid to farmers will mean a decline in Thai rice exports, opening opportunities to rival exporters, such as India and Vietnam.

The rice pricing scheme was a key policy promise by the Pheu Thai Party of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to secure the support of the country’s eight million rice farmers in the July general elections.

According to the plan, the government will pay almost $500 per metric ton for white rice and $650 for higher quality fragrant rice. That is about a 50 percent increase from the previous government’s policy guaranteeing farmers $330 per metric ton. Agriculture officials say four million rice farmers have registered for the new scheme.

David Dawe, a UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) economist, says while the higher price may lead to more rice production in the longer term, there remains uncertainty over the program's full impact. "There are a lot of uncertainties as to exactly how this is going to work right now; which is why there is a mixed effect on world prices. I mean, the government doesn't have the capacity, I don't think, to procure the whole crop by them. They're going to have to work through the private sector. This is going to be an interesting question because they're not going to want to buy at that price if it forces them to sell at a loss on the export market," he said.

This year, Thailand's rice production is expected to exceed 20 million metric tons, with about half of the total destined for export. Similar sized exports were initially forecast for 2012, but the U.S. Department of Agriculture now forecasts that number will fall to seven million metric tons under the new scheme.

Thailand has been the world’s top rice exporter since 1981. The country’s key competitors are India and Vietnam. India is the world’s second largest rice producer and recently returned to the global rice export market by lifting a 2008 ban on exports of common grades of rice. Other rice exporters, such as Brazil and Pakistan, are also expected to see increased global sales.

Samarendu Mohanty, an economist with the Philippine-based International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), says the Thai government will need to subsidize export rice prices to compete with other countries on the global market. He says that will affect Thai taxpayers.

"There will be an export subsidy. So the program in place for the Thai government to sell its rice either government to government - or export licensing - I would expect the global price to be going down - the debilitating effect of the Thai program on the global market. The only thing is it will cost the Thai taxpayer quite a bit of money and Thai rice will be more expensive on the domestic market. The Thai program will be subsidizing the rest of the world consumers," he said.

Ammar Siamwalla, president of the private sector think tank, Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI), says the main beneficiaries will be larger rice producers. He fears the program will likely result in the creation of a state-run national rice corporation, which will hurt Thailand's private rice export sector. "The big thing is, it's going to destroy our private rice industry particularly from the mills onwards.  We are 50 per cent higher than the market right - how are we going to sell it - and therein lies the answer to your question - is the government taking over the rice trade," he said.

Ammar says the government’s program may also be susceptible to corruption and budget shortfalls.

A similar program in 2008 suffered from a budget shortfall of more $1.4 billion. The USDA has warned that if the Thai government uses government subsidies to export rice at prices below what it pays Thai farmers, it may be violating World Trade Organization rules

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Get a Shave From Honda

Exciting new way to shave with a Honda Thailand.
When you click to start the video the words "Click to Play" will come up again. Just ignore and the video will start in about 5 seconds.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Playing With Singhto

A lot of times people ask me what I am doing and I answer, "Playing with the dog". I decided to show whats up. Singhto is an 11 month old Bangkaew dog. That is a Thai breed that originated in the Phistanoluk area,. Allegedly there is some wolf or jackal blood mixed in just recently into the bloodline as the breed began in the early 1900's. The Bangkaew are similar in appearance to the Akita and are a primitive dog like them and the Israeli pariah dog. When we go for a walk some people are genuinely afraid because of the Bangkaew reputation as a biter. They are very territorial when they come of age but Singhto is just now reaching maturity and just beginning to be territorial.
Right now he is pretty playful and very loving. He loves being around people and  is very vocal when he comes to meet you he will be full of squeaks and sounds telling you some story. Being a primitive dog Bangkaew are very headstrong and you need very much to establish yourself as the alpha in the pack and keep a firm hand, but once that is accomplished they will mind pretty good. They still don't like to come when called so much and I have read it is the same for most Bangkaew. They have their own mind.  That's my story - Khun Rut

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Singhto and the Glasses Caper

These have seen their better days.
A couple days ago my wife woke up in the morning and looked on the bed side table for her glasses. They were no where to be seen. I knew I has set them there the night before as I removed them from her face after she fell asleep watching her favorite soap opera. A little later she called to me from the kitchen. She found her glasses. 
They were in some pretty bad shape as you can see from the picture. A friend of ours had proudly brought them to her. He is our 11 month old Bang Kaew dog, Singhto. Who do you think ate the glasses? Is this the face of a guilty suspect? You tell me!
Well my wife is now wearing a spare pair of specs and she has to go get some new ones soon. I can tell you one thing she won't be getting them at a famous blue and white shop with 8 stores in the city of Mukdahan. Too expensive. - Khun Rut
Is this a guilty face?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thai Lesson

For those of you who have taken Thai lessons check out  this video of a Thai lesson for  foreigner. Quite amusing. I really dig the teacher's glasses.- Khun Rut
When you click the play button another button with the words "Click to Play" below it. Just ignore and your video will start in about 5 seconds. If you click it will take you to another page.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mukdahan Community College

Image Courtesy of Mukdahan Community College
For the past several years I have had a very fulfilling relationship with the Mukdahan Community College. MukCC is one of 20 Community Colleges in Thailand. MukCC also has 7 branch campuses in Don Tan, Kamcha-I, Dong Luang, Sanwaa - Nagokgoong, Nikom Kham Soi, Nong Sung and Wan Yai. They serve a valuable service to the local community by presenting courses directed to the needs of the community. For example MukCC had a course for its Sky Lab (Tuk Tuk) drivers to help them improve their ability to conduct business with their tourist customers and how to act more professionally. There are courses in IT and traditional cloth-making among many, many others.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thai Food Pics

I got this pics from a thread on that my friend Jah sent to me. Just hilarious. Some of the others you have to read Thai to get the funny!!! The menu translations are pretty funny. I remember a friend of mine was looking at a menu and we saw "prawns fried in whore dust" or goong pad pong garee. Goong = prawns, pad = fried, pong = dust or powder, garee = prostitute. The problem with google translate is the pong garee also means yellow curry powder. Hence the hilarious menus. - Khun Rut
Nice holder for the food!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mukdahan Fish Story

Villagers near Mukdahan claimed to have caught a fish weighing over 40 kilos. It's pretty big but 40 kilos.... I don't know about that. Its a hell of a fish though. Check out the video. - Khun Rut
After you click the play button another play button will come up with the words click to play below it. Just ignore that, cuz it will take you to another page your video will start in about 5 seconds.
Mukdahan 40kilo fish -

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Cobra Man Video

This is a guy in definite need of career counselling. Just check him picking up and tossing those cobras around like they were stick or something. You can bet he is getting paid like 200-300 baht a day too. Amazing!!!!
- Khun Rut Note: when you start the video the screen will give you another flashing button with the words "Click to Play" just ignore it and in about 5 seconds the video will start!!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mares vs. Agbeko

Being a fight fan I love a good boxing match and there was a good one yesterday. It was for the IBF Bantamweight belt and the winner of the Showtime Bantamweight tournament. Abner Mares was challenging champion Joseph Agbeko at the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel in Vegas. During the fight Mares continually hit Agbeko with low blows (Al Bernstein estimated about 30)  culminating with a devastating left to the balls in the 11th round (that Agbeko was winning) referee Russell Mora counted it as a knockdown. This gave a 4 point swing to Mares that one him a majority decision. Check the podcast for a rant and look at the You Tube videos below for the last 3 rounds of the fight and Jim Gray's epic post fight interview with the ref.
My Rant on the Abner Mares vs Joseph Agbeko Fight

Mukdahan Mayoral Election Preview

Posters for the Mayoral Election October 28

For those in and around Mukdahan who have seen the big signs like above all around, we all know that it is election time again. Voting will take place on October 28th for the local Mayor and his City Hall (Tesaban) team. The current mayor, Samrit Jo Poksawat of Glum Pattana Mukdahan has reached retirement age and is getting ready to step down. The 4 major candidates to replace him will be quickly detailed below.

#1 Peenit Charoensuk - Khun Charoensuk has previously served as a provincial elected official with the title Nayoksupa Obachaw. He is a member of the Glum Pattana Mukdahan (the same as the incumbent). This group includes a former mayor (I know him as Pee Kio) and include many local business leaders. Khun Charoensuk, himself, is a business owner of a rock and sand building products business.

#2 Triyaret  Kultangwattana - Khun Kultangwattana is a prominent local businessman who owns a business ferrying trucks and merchandise across the Mekong River to Laos. The family also owns other transportation related businesses and are prominent in local affairs. I know him personally as Tooey. He has studied abroad at the University of Washington in the USA. Previously he has held the post of Deputy Mayor at the Mukdahan Tesaban. He lists no party affiliation.

#3 Suwanee Tangpanitanon - Khun Tangpanitanon is currently an elected member of the local political staff at the Mukdahan Tesaban. She is a member of the Glum Rao Rak Mukdahan team and is affiliated with the Puea Thai Party (PTP). He husband is the current newly elected MP for the province of Mukdahan (PTP).

#4 Chalad Tusiri - Khun Tunsiri is an ex-vice mayor of Mukdahan. He lists no party affiliation though, I am sure that he does have a team around him to support his candidacy. I know the least about this candidate and will update this post as I find more information. As an aside his first name means "clever".

I talked to my political analyst (the boss) about who she thinks has the best chance to win. She thinks it comes down to a horserace between #1 and #3. But who knows? What you DO KNOW is who to blame when the truck with the speaker rolls by your house at 7 am imploring you to vote for their numbered candidate (at volume 10 always.) and what day you have to stock up on alcohol for. - Khun Rut

Friday, August 12, 2011

Where is a resolution of UN Security Council on imposing a no-fly zone over Britain?

Link to article.
Image Courtesy of
Using the same criteria I think it is quite reasonable for the UN and  NATO to come to the aid of the poor beleaguered opposition just as in Libya and Yemen and elsewhere. Get that no fly zone goin' boys. Time's a wastin' - Khun Rut
August 11, 2011

On Saturday, August, 6th in the suburbs of London, a rebellion of democratically minded progressive young people dissatisfied with the dictatorship of ruling for about a half of a century, Queen Elizabeth II, broke out. They demand respect for their rights, democratic freedoms and reforms in the UK. The international community expressed support for their heroic struggle against the dictatorship of Queen Elizabeth II. The countries of the UN General Assembly require an urgent convening of the Security Council on the UK. EU leaders have expressed concern due to the fact that thousands of people have become the victims of the dictatorial regime in the UK. The police and army are using the force against the freedom fighters disproportionately. There is an evidence on the use of aircraft in the areas densely populated by the freedom fighters. The world community is concerned that officials of law enforcement agencies of the regime will continue to use force. The government and the Queen of Britain are obliged to provide security for the democratic insurgents, which are implementing nonviolent acts of disobedience; they must reform the royal government and carry out the elections for the post of a Queen of Britain. The European states are standing for a no-fly zone over Britain to ensure the safety of civilians from the troops loyal to Elizabeth II. The Queen of Great Britain has lost her legitimacy and should go. She is responsible for the crimes committed by her regime for over half of a century, the evidence of these crimes announced by the world media and Queen Elizabeth II is liable to judgment by an impartial and fair trial of the Hague Tribunal. International Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo told the UN Security Council that in a few weeks he will present in the ICC Pre-Trial Chamber a case of war crimes committed in Britain.

If Britain took place of Libya in the minds of those who consider themselves as masters of the world, we would see these lines in the media. After all, people who participated in riots in Libya, did the same thing that the insurgents are doing now in Britain. But in Libya the thugs organized from the outside also were destroying police stations and seizing the weapons storages, they were slaughtering police officers, soldiers and officers of the Army of Libya, they were cutting alive the ordinary citizens to pieces. These "rebels" were beating those whom they suspected of commitment to Gaddafi, they were hanging the half-dead people upside down on the squares and cutting off their heads and hands with swords and knives. The rebels from areas of London and other cities of England, burning cars and stealing food from stores, are just innocent babies, compared to the militants of al-Qaeda. Police in Britain is using the entire arsenal against the rebels, the army was ready to intervene. Police officials say they will not tolerate violations of public order and assault on the peaceful life of citizens of Britain.. Police violates the rights of some citizens of Britain to ensure the rights of others. Do the British authorities have a power to impose the rights and freedoms on others that they violate in their country? By all democratic norms they do not have that power, so why we don't hear condemnations of non-governmental organizations which are designed to ensure an observance of human rights around the world? Go Here for the rest of the article.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Carnac the Magnificent

From the Johnny Carson show 1981. Carnac divines the answers to questions without knowing the questions. Pure comedy gold - Khun Rut

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Update!!!! Mukdahan Flooding Report

The rain has stopped but some residents still face real problems.


Wednesday August 10- 
After quite a bit of rain last night, it seemed that things would be really bad this morning. For the most part it was to the contrary. The bridges over the creek were in much better shape from yesterday the water had receded a great deal. The water in and around Wat Pa was much lower and not going out onto the roadway. The wat is still flooded but not as bad as the past 2 days. The locals were out fishing with nets next to the wat in hopes catching a fish of some sort. The worst part was the Indochina Market. The Mekong continued to rise and now the vendors are starting to remove their display racks and everything out of there. Its a mess. The rain eased off today with just a few sprinkles but its still cloudy and who knows what tonight will bring. Today I just added a few images of the aftermath... for now.

Tuesday August 9 - There was a lot of rain last night and I went out today to check out the damages. The water is rising steadily on the bridges over the creek, both behind Mukdahan School and on the Don Tan Rd.
The new drainage system is keeping the downtown area pretty clear of standing water, but the canal behind the Ploy and running behind the Krung Thai Bank is near full. If it over flows then things could change rapidly.
The lower level of the Indochina Market is closed and the vendors have removed their goods because of flooding. The local Fire Department is filling sandbags for those who need them and would welcome volunteers. Stay tuned for further updates. - Khun Rut

Monday August 8- Yesterday the rain broke for a while in the midday an I had some business to take care of. When I drove into town I noticed the creek the road crosses was quite high. I went to check where the flooding normally starts in Mukdahan, by Wat Pa. Sure enough the creek had jumped its bank there and run into the wat and then jumped the road. I looked down some of the side sois close to the Porn Phed Market and they were getting full of water.  I had been told that the level of the Mekong was almost into the lower level of the Indochina market. I went to take a look and sure enough the water was at floor level and being held back by sandbags. This was yesterday afternoon. Well as I was writing this story last night at around 9pm it started raining hard and by 930 the power was out so no story til to day. Anyway its still raining I am going to post the pictures from yesterday and get a quick map up of the flooded areas and then go out and see what happened over night. Check back for updates.

As always click the thumbnails for a large image.
Images from Monday August 8
Water Crosses the Road by Wat Pa Flooding in Wat Pa Water Fills Field Across the Road
Mekong River Level High Water Level Indochina Market Water High at the Market
Tuesday August 9
Water Very High on The Creek Bridge Flooding Increasing Near Wat Pa Tough Day for Motobikes
The Canal Behind the Ploy Palace is Almost Full Firemen and Volunteers Filling Sandbags at the Fire Dept. The Lower Level of the Indochina Market is Now Closed
Water Rising at the Bridge on the Don Tan Road

Images from August 10
Local out with nets next to Wat Pa Some still need boats to get to their homes. Flooding still bad at the Indochina Market

Check back for map updates of flooded areas.

View Mukdahan Flooding Aug 2011 in a larger map