Thursday, September 8, 2011

Singhto and the Glasses Caper

These have seen their better days.
A couple days ago my wife woke up in the morning and looked on the bed side table for her glasses. They were no where to be seen. I knew I has set them there the night before as I removed them from her face after she fell asleep watching her favorite soap opera. A little later she called to me from the kitchen. She found her glasses. 
They were in some pretty bad shape as you can see from the picture. A friend of ours had proudly brought them to her. He is our 11 month old Bang Kaew dog, Singhto. Who do you think ate the glasses? Is this the face of a guilty suspect? You tell me!
Well my wife is now wearing a spare pair of specs and she has to go get some new ones soon. I can tell you one thing she won't be getting them at a famous blue and white shop with 8 stores in the city of Mukdahan. Too expensive. - Khun Rut
Is this a guilty face?


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