Friday, August 12, 2011

Where is a resolution of UN Security Council on imposing a no-fly zone over Britain?

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Using the same criteria I think it is quite reasonable for the UN and  NATO to come to the aid of the poor beleaguered opposition just as in Libya and Yemen and elsewhere. Get that no fly zone goin' boys. Time's a wastin' - Khun Rut
August 11, 2011

On Saturday, August, 6th in the suburbs of London, a rebellion of democratically minded progressive young people dissatisfied with the dictatorship of ruling for about a half of a century, Queen Elizabeth II, broke out. They demand respect for their rights, democratic freedoms and reforms in the UK. The international community expressed support for their heroic struggle against the dictatorship of Queen Elizabeth II. The countries of the UN General Assembly require an urgent convening of the Security Council on the UK. EU leaders have expressed concern due to the fact that thousands of people have become the victims of the dictatorial regime in the UK. The police and army are using the force against the freedom fighters disproportionately. There is an evidence on the use of aircraft in the areas densely populated by the freedom fighters. The world community is concerned that officials of law enforcement agencies of the regime will continue to use force. The government and the Queen of Britain are obliged to provide security for the democratic insurgents, which are implementing nonviolent acts of disobedience; they must reform the royal government and carry out the elections for the post of a Queen of Britain. The European states are standing for a no-fly zone over Britain to ensure the safety of civilians from the troops loyal to Elizabeth II. The Queen of Great Britain has lost her legitimacy and should go. She is responsible for the crimes committed by her regime for over half of a century, the evidence of these crimes announced by the world media and Queen Elizabeth II is liable to judgment by an impartial and fair trial of the Hague Tribunal. International Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo told the UN Security Council that in a few weeks he will present in the ICC Pre-Trial Chamber a case of war crimes committed in Britain.

If Britain took place of Libya in the minds of those who consider themselves as masters of the world, we would see these lines in the media. After all, people who participated in riots in Libya, did the same thing that the insurgents are doing now in Britain. But in Libya the thugs organized from the outside also were destroying police stations and seizing the weapons storages, they were slaughtering police officers, soldiers and officers of the Army of Libya, they were cutting alive the ordinary citizens to pieces. These "rebels" were beating those whom they suspected of commitment to Gaddafi, they were hanging the half-dead people upside down on the squares and cutting off their heads and hands with swords and knives. The rebels from areas of London and other cities of England, burning cars and stealing food from stores, are just innocent babies, compared to the militants of al-Qaeda. Police in Britain is using the entire arsenal against the rebels, the army was ready to intervene. Police officials say they will not tolerate violations of public order and assault on the peaceful life of citizens of Britain.. Police violates the rights of some citizens of Britain to ensure the rights of others. Do the British authorities have a power to impose the rights and freedoms on others that they violate in their country? By all democratic norms they do not have that power, so why we don't hear condemnations of non-governmental organizations which are designed to ensure an observance of human rights around the world? Go Here for the rest of the article.


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