Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thai Food Pics

I got this pics from a thread on that my friend Jah sent to me. Just hilarious. Some of the others you have to read Thai to get the funny!!! The menu translations are pretty funny. I remember a friend of mine was looking at a menu and we saw "prawns fried in whore dust" or goong pad pong garee. Goong = prawns, pad = fried, pong = dust or powder, garee = prostitute. The problem with google translate is the pong garee also means yellow curry powder. Hence the hilarious menus. - Khun Rut
Nice holder for the food!

Dogs getting a cool ride!

I got a hair in my soup!

Melon shopping.

Thai pizza oven.

The Thai text is phonetically raped eggs, hence Egg boom boom.


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