Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Update!!!! Mukdahan Flooding Report

The rain has stopped but some residents still face real problems.


Wednesday August 10- 
After quite a bit of rain last night, it seemed that things would be really bad this morning. For the most part it was to the contrary. The bridges over the creek were in much better shape from yesterday the water had receded a great deal. The water in and around Wat Pa was much lower and not going out onto the roadway. The wat is still flooded but not as bad as the past 2 days. The locals were out fishing with nets next to the wat in hopes catching a fish of some sort. The worst part was the Indochina Market. The Mekong continued to rise and now the vendors are starting to remove their display racks and everything out of there. Its a mess. The rain eased off today with just a few sprinkles but its still cloudy and who knows what tonight will bring. Today I just added a few images of the aftermath... for now.

Tuesday August 9 - There was a lot of rain last night and I went out today to check out the damages. The water is rising steadily on the bridges over the creek, both behind Mukdahan School and on the Don Tan Rd.
The new drainage system is keeping the downtown area pretty clear of standing water, but the canal behind the Ploy and running behind the Krung Thai Bank is near full. If it over flows then things could change rapidly.
The lower level of the Indochina Market is closed and the vendors have removed their goods because of flooding. The local Fire Department is filling sandbags for those who need them and would welcome volunteers. Stay tuned for further updates. - Khun Rut

Monday August 8- Yesterday the rain broke for a while in the midday an I had some business to take care of. When I drove into town I noticed the creek the road crosses was quite high. I went to check where the flooding normally starts in Mukdahan, by Wat Pa. Sure enough the creek had jumped its bank there and run into the wat and then jumped the road. I looked down some of the side sois close to the Porn Phed Market and they were getting full of water.  I had been told that the level of the Mekong was almost into the lower level of the Indochina market. I went to take a look and sure enough the water was at floor level and being held back by sandbags. This was yesterday afternoon. Well as I was writing this story last night at around 9pm it started raining hard and by 930 the power was out so no story til to day. Anyway its still raining I am going to post the pictures from yesterday and get a quick map up of the flooded areas and then go out and see what happened over night. Check back for updates.

As always click the thumbnails for a large image.
Images from Monday August 8
Water Crosses the Road by Wat Pa Flooding in Wat Pa Water Fills Field Across the Road
Mekong River Level High Water Level Indochina Market Water High at the Market
Tuesday August 9
Water Very High on The Creek Bridge Flooding Increasing Near Wat Pa Tough Day for Motobikes
The Canal Behind the Ploy Palace is Almost Full Firemen and Volunteers Filling Sandbags at the Fire Dept. The Lower Level of the Indochina Market is Now Closed
Water Rising at the Bridge on the Don Tan Road

Images from August 10
Local out with nets next to Wat Pa Some still need boats to get to their homes. Flooding still bad at the Indochina Market

Check back for map updates of flooded areas.

View Mukdahan Flooding Aug 2011 in a larger map


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