Monday, July 18, 2011

Building Blunders Part 1

I was riding around the other day on my motorbike with the dog and saw something that amazed me. I was in this pretty good area on the hill where they are building some pretty nice houses. Well I saw this one house that looked like it was completed but had never been lived in. I slowed down and saw why!!!!. The idiot that was building his house next door and up the hill decided to truck in a lot of fill dirt to level off his land. Jack ass just piled it up on the neighbor's wall like it was a retaining wall or something. It was just some skinny posts with brick and mortar in between., Well when rainy season came the inevitable happened the earth began to settle and pushed out against the wall, nearly tipping it right over into the other guys lot.
It quickly got shored up with timbers and some precast concrete posts but that won't last for long. The completed house still has no tenant and the work on the new house has ground to a halt. I guess the contractor got fired and they are sorting out who and how much the moron that was building the new house will have to pay. Frigging morons. (You know my wife and our contractor wanted to pile up dirt on our wall like that when  we were building our house... I said NO WAY!)
If you notice the title is  Building Blunders Part 1, as I figure there are going to be many more to come.
- Khun Rut

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Building Blunders   Building Blunders   Building Blunders

Building Blunders   Building Blunders   Building Blunders


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