Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MukSanook Revisited

A few years ago  a friend and I created a website called www.muksanook.com. It was a community website that was supposed to be for the local Mukdahan Community. We were going to make it a not for profit site. The intention was to give the community a forum for local news, views and events, we worked with a board of local business leaders in an attempt to create a plan for the site. Our intention was never to run the site but to create it and turn it over to local Mukdahanians so that they could create their own content, sell their own ads and promote their community. Well, it never happened, we had many meetings and tried to get content but no one would even write a story. There were a few sample ones that we created but that was it. After the site was completed, less content we turned it over to a Thai webmaster who was supposed to do something with it. He never did a thing. The project died an ignominious death. 

My friend and I went on to other projects and finally parted ways. For the past year or so I made the decision to  revisit the site but not from  the same view point. I add my content as I see fit.
Some people tell me I have a way with words. While I am not sure about that, I certainly have some stories that I can tell about my time here in Mukdahan (along with the stories of others). I have a lot of opinions on local and world news, sports and music. My posts here won't be all Mukdahan, all the time, but will be a collection of stories, links, videos, stuff that I have ferreted out on the web. 

I am currently developing Muksanook Part II on a local server and when that is completed it will be more about the local scene here, what you can do, where can you stay, eat, get into trouble. All that good shit. along with loads of images and stories from my intrepid reporters. I still plan to keep my blog here for my personal bloviations and stuff of interest. I will have some fun at anyrate. Catch you all later.... 
Khun Rut


Khun Rut said...

See Tom there's comments... I set it to anonymous.

Tom said...

once again, welcome back
lets see some mook news

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