Wednesday, July 13, 2011

That's Boxing.

Brandon Rios and Urbano Antillon War - A War in the Ring

This past weekend I watched two exciting fights with two vastly different results, reminding us fight fans why we both love and hate boxing.
The first fight was a lightweight war featuring two fearless Mexican fighters both fighting out of Southern California. Brandon Rios the WBA champion TKO'd Urbano Antillon in a war that lasted just short of 3 rounds.Both fighters stood toe to toe and traded power shots that had the crowd at Home Depot Arena in Carson, California on their feet for much of the fight. This is the kind of action you used to regularly see at the old Olympic  Auditorium back in the day. I found myself shouting my appreciation at the computer screen at the end of round one as if they could hear me.
In round 3 Rios landed a hard left to the top of Antillon's head that really hurt him and he ended up knocking him down twice before the referee stopped the fight with 11 seconds to go in the 3rd. It was a great fight with 2 game and able fighters who gave it their all. This is what boxing is all about and why we love it.

Lara Smashes Another Left to the Face of
This was followed by the  Paul Williams - Erislandy Lara fight on HBO. This fight was decidedly won by Lara and it wasn't even close except for on the scorecards of the judges who gave Williams a majority decision 114-114, 116-114 and 115-114. The only thing that Williams did was throw more punches. Lara landed more even though throwing less. He by far dominated the fight hurting Williams on several occasions. The unofficial scorecards for Yahoo Sports and the HBO teams Harold Ledderman all had Lara winning by a wide margin. In the later rounds Roy Jones and Max Kellerman for HBO were even suggesting that Williams should retire after taking such a terrible beating.Bluntly, it was a fucking travesty.
Jones said late in the fight during an exchange with Max Kellerman that he felt Williams’ life was in jeopardy.
Kellerman: “There’s a good probability this is the last we see of Paul Williams in a boxing ring.”
Jones: “I hope it is. He’s taking a real killing here tonight. I wish his corner would stop it before he gets knocked out. It’s not safe for him. He’s not about to win and this kid is really teeing off on him right now. Those shots take a lot out of a guy’s life.” Courtesy of Yahoo Sports
Clearly this was a horrible decision. You should have heard the boo's coming from the crowd. Lara at worst deserves a rematch. I guarantee you Williams and promoter Dan Goosen want no part of that. Goosen said he has "moved on". I guess my friend John said it best "Never leave it to the judges." Especially in Atlantic City.
That's boxing.
Khun Rut


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