Thursday, July 14, 2011

Internet Archive

In my constant search for new music I came across the Internet Archive . Its the greatest! You can upload and download many different artists legally. There are many different streams available you can  either stream them from the Internet Archive or download them for play on your one computer. This includes audio and video. From time to time I will be posting them on this blog so you can stream it.

I have decided to use Yahoo's Webplayer. I works a lot nicer than the embedded player from Internet Archive. you can hit the popout button to let it play in a new tab if you want to move to a new page in the blog.

Today I  am posting a live Dave Alvin concert from September 19, 2009. Dave is performing with the Guilty Women at McGonigal's Mucky Duck in Houston, Tx.. Enjoy.

01- Intro
02 - King Of California
03 Marie, Marie / Dynamite Woman / Marie, Marie
04 California Bloodlines teaser / California's Burning
05 Dave introduces Amy Farris, Cindy Cashdollar, Christy McWilson
06 Here In California
07 Weight of the World
08 Downey Girl
09 Abilene
10 Dave Introduces Lisa Pankratz
11 Boss of the Blues
12 Dave Introduces Sarah Brown
13 Potter's Field
14 What Am I Worth
15 Haley's Comet
16 Ashgrove
17 Dry River (with Cindy and Lisa)
18 Crowd / Encore Break
19 Dave Takes Requests From the Audience
20 Justine
21 Chris Gaffney Remembered
22 Man of Somebody's Dreams
23 Que Sera, Sera

I am also including an old Episode of The Cisco Kid called "Ghost Town"

Have fun,
Khun Rut


Anonymous said...

The stereotypes are hillarious! At least the Mexicans are the good guys.

Khun Rut said...

I used to love this one as a kid. Aaay Cisco... Aaay Pancho

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