Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cool Find at the Morning Market

Found this cool candle holder at the Morning Market
Slide the Glass Up to Put in Candle
 The Mukdahan Morning Market is quite a place. This large open air market opens daily at around 2 am and services the local and provincial restaurants, groceries and citizens with a wide variety of produce, eggs, fish, meats and many other products. There are plenty of small shops inside and around the market that sell all sorts of goods.
My wife and I went to the morning market early today to get fruit, veggies and some meat for the dog. I stopped and had my normal cup of coffee, cafe bolan, which is a thick strong Isaan style coffee with condensed sweet milk at the bottom of the glass. The missus continued shopping and I was assigned my typical duty of lugging out the booty which I really don't mind.  When we were walking out I saw a stall that was selling a few of these lamps like the one in the pictures. The are made of cut up tin cans bent and folded, a piece of wire for the handle and some cut up strips of glass. To put in a candle you just slide the glass part up and put the candle on the base. Total cost 50 baht. This is really coool we will give it a try on our patio tonight!
- Khun Rut

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