Friday, August 5, 2011

Update!!!! On finding someone to work on my video camera, I went back on Friday and sure enough the guy told me that he was able to fix it and that he would call back when he knew what he had to do to repair it. He called yesterday on Sunday and told me it needed a new head and it would cost about 2500 baht. I thought about it and called back authorizing the order.

Later on I was checking on the web and found there is a niche of equipment called pocket camcorders. They are priced in the under 200 usd range. They can shoot hours of video and save it to an SD card. Sounds great to me. I had the wife call him last night to have him hold up on the order but his wife said he had already ordered the part. I thought that unlikely but stopped by today to see him and he told me that he ordered it yesterday from Sakon Nakon and had it brought in by bus. Anyhow we asked him if he wanted to buy the camera and sell it or something but he told me he already had a buyer for it and when it was done he would put us together and we could make a deal. My fantasy is that it will be enough to cover repairs and buy a new camera too. It is looking good for now.
- Khun Rut

Got a new podcast today about Finding Stuff in Muk. Have a good time with it.As always click on the play button by the link to launch the player or right click the link and save it to your PC.
- Khun Rut

Finding Stuff in Mukdahan


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